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Corporate History

April 1903 Established as Kenchiku Kanamono Shoukai,started in business of rolling shutters.
July 1936 Incorporated to Kenchiku Kanamono Shoukai Co., Ltd., constructed the factory in Tokyo.
Oct. 1939 Changed the firm name to Suzuki Shutter Mfg. Co., Ltd.
March 1962 Constructed Shimura Factory in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
March 1967 Established Suzuki Shutter Co.,(H.K.)Ltd. in Hong Kong.
Feb. 1969 Business cooperated with Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd.
July 1969 Established Yokohama Branch Office.
April 1970 Constructed Fukuoka Factory in Kyushu.
Sept. 1981 Constructed Saitama Factory at Kawagoe, Saitama.
April 1982 Established Naha Shutter Co., Ltd.
March 1985 Merged Suzuki Shutter Sales Co., Ltd.
April 1985 Established Suzuki Shutter Kyushu Sales Co., Ltd.
Aug. 1986 Constructed Saitama 2nd Factory at Kawagoe, Saitama.
Nov. 1990 Initial Public Offering on O.T.C.Market in Japan.
March 1993 Replaced Fukuoka Factory in Kyushu.
Oct. 1993 Newly constracted Head office
Oct. 2001 Shutter Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (now TOSTEM SUZUKI Shutter Co., Ltd.) becomes wholly owned subsidiary of Tostem through a stock swap.
April 2011 Changed the firm name to LIXIL SUZUKI Shutter Corporation.
Oct. 2019 Changed the firm name to SUZIKI SHUTTER Corporation.